Thai women weaving the fabric of cultural identity

Many hands make light work: Local women work together to cut costs, exchange ideas and improve productivity.

Viet Nam News

NGHỆ AN — For generations, weaving has been important heritage of Thai people of Quỳ Châu District in northern Nghệ An Province. Developed as the ancient people’s traditional art to make clothing, modern weaving has taken a new form as a collective production method to fight poverty and preserve cultural identity.

Local authorities have played an active role in preserving the heritage in recent years by starting a project to help Thai women with funding and knowledge to improve quality and build brands.

They have also been encouraged to set up co-operative units and exchange ideas to cut cost and make better products.

For many, the efforts have begun to pay off with the weaving art bringing in extra income for their families.

Nowadays, traditional Thai textile production in the district caters to locals’ demand and also offers tourists with quality, authentic and original products. — VNS



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